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From student to mentor

Special Olympics South Africa’s Athlete Leadership Programme is an opportunity for our athletes to do more than just compete. It’s a chance for them to take on new challenges and give back to communities.


Become a mentor

As they become more confident our athletes are given the opportunity to train to become coaches or officials. Not only does this empower them, but it encourages these men and women to share their successes with new and upcoming athletes.

Become a spokesperson

Those with a talent for public speaking are encouraged to be spokespersons for SOSA. Their role is to inform/educate the general public and the media about what we do. To further bolster their messages we arrange for all to be taught presentation skills.

Become Sargent Shriver International Global Messengers

They are invited to help champion the rights of all those with disabilities by serving as Sargent Shriver International Global Messengers.

Serve on the Special Olympics Board of Directors

SOSA athletes also have the opportunity to join the board and become committee members. Here they can:

  • Help to shape SOSA programmes and policies
  • Take the Special Olympics movement in a new direction, one focused on athletes’ wants
  • Influence the way all Games are run, and
  • Suggest better ways to spend Special Olympics resources.

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